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Caitlin’s enthusiasm for team building and her commitment to community is unmatched!  She led the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools through a strengths-focused retreat that engaged each board member and staff person on their own level. She offered us all a way to embrace and enhance our own talents to better serve our mission!  
— Natalie Murdock, Executive Director at Foundation for Springfield Public Schools
“All I can say is wow!  We recently had Caitlin come in and facilitate a Strengths Discovery session for a large group of leaders, and she did a fantastic job.  Caitlin was able to help each person in the group discover their strengths in order to maximize their potential as individuals and as team members.  Caitlin is passionate about helping others, which is evident in her presentation skills and attention to detail.  I would recommend her to any individual or group who is seeking to discover and/or develop their strengths.”
— Bo Langston, Training Coordinator at Silver Dollar City
Over an extended lunch staff meeting, Caitlin guided our team through a series of creative exercises that showed us how to identify and make the most of our various strengths. The session made for great staff development, and everyone was able to gain valuable insights about themselves and about each of their co-workers. Caitlin was also great to work with before the training, helping our team complete strengths profiles for each staff member as we prepared.
— Matt Morrow, President and CEO at Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce
We’re always looking for ways to enhance our organizational culture and further develop our team, and we absolutely loved having Caitlin in our office for a Strengths Discovery Session! She is an excellent presenter and showed our team how StrengthsFinder provides a common language to discuss the talents each person brings to the group. We look forward to weaving these concepts into our daily practice as we determine how we can best work together to leverage our team members’ strengths to take our organization to new heights.
— Stephanie Grandestaff, Chief Operating Officer at Ascend Dental Design