We're passionate about driving people forward. 

We believe that when individuals and organizations understand their own strengths, they are better equipped to tell their stories, engage in meaningful connection-building, and leverage those strengths to achieve mission-driven results. It's no secret that people are an invaluable asset. Propel People Development wants to partner with you to engage your people, bringing new life and a new language to your organization and your key business objectives. The perspective and expertise that Propel People Development brings to its clients will change the way you understand yourself, your work, and your teams. We invite you to learn more about the unique approach Propel People Development offers each of its clients that is challenging the way you have traditionally looked at leadership development.


Caitlin Kissee is a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist and naturally caffeinated leader. A passionate communicator with a proven track record for maximizing the potential of organizations and individuals by telling their stories, building meaningful partnerships and leveraging their strengths, Caitlin is energized by investing in people and rewarded by seeing them achieve mission-driven objectives. As a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach with a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership and a career focused on coaching young professionals (particularly through key career transitions), maximizing the resources and impact of nonprofit organizations, and facilitating organizational development within teams and organizations, Caitlin brings fresh knowledge, passion and her own strengths to Propel People Development LLC.

Signature Strengths